What Is CRM System And What Solutions IT Provides

The answer to this question is simple: if it is important for the company that customers become permanent and come back again and again, and the sales department is engaged in sales, rather than routine work, then the CRM system is simply necessary. And since these are natural desires for any enterprise to expand and increase the scale of its work, it is necessary to implement the CRM system.

After implementation, managers will be able to devote more time to sales, and the CRM tools will deal with:

  • maintenance of the client base;
  • creating a history of relationships with customers in CRM system;
  • fast registration of necessary documents;
  • organization, planning of work with clients;
  • distribution of promotional materials with profitable offers for buyers;
  • creation of reports on the work which is already done.

At the very beginning of CRM application implementation you will have to work hard to think over all the details of the work. The usual accounting system in contrast to CRM does not take into account the characteristics of customers and the history of relationships, which will allow build the sales process more correctly and productively.

In recent years, business often faces a question: which CRM solution to choose? Here is a short review of some popular CRM systems based on functionality, cost of implementation and convenience of the software usage.

Bpm’online CRM


For medium-sized businesses, Bpm’onlineis recognized as the leader in the report “The Forrester Wave CRM Suites for Midsize Organizations, Q4 2016” thanks to innovative BPM + CRM technologies.

Solutions from Bpm’online are suitable for companies that are ready to invest seriously in their IT infrastructure. The software allows taking into account all nuances, in order to build a more correct and effective strategy of relationships with customers. You can find out more about the solution here https://www.bpmonline.com/ .

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a software package for customer relationship management developed by Microsoft and focused on the organization of sales, marketing and service delivery (support services).

A familiar and natural role-based user interface reduces training costs for employees. To optimize the costs of implementing and using the software, you can connect a limited set of functions that corresponds to the level of development of your business.



 SAP CRM is a software product developed not only for short-term tasks (cost reduction, optimization of decision-making processes), but also for building a strategy for the company’s activities and strengthening its competitiveness in the long term.

SAP CRM is a single solution for running e-business and customer support, allowing you to connect staff, business processes and all interactions with customers through a holistic information environment. And it’s important to know that SAP CRM,like any software solution of this level, will cost several times more expensive than other software and there will be certain difficulties at the stage of integration with some other systems.



AmoCRM is a CRM tool with an intuitive and convenient interface that allows small and medium-sized businesses to increase their income. With the help of AmoCRM you will be able to fully manage relationships with existing and potential customers at all stages of sales. Plan tasks, call directly from the CRMsystem interface, send emails, monitor the work of managers and work with the system anywhere in the world using a mobile application.

AmoCRM does not require installation and is integrated with the application form in a few clicks. Developers offer to use the software for free for 14 days.

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