Salesforce And Big Data Coming Together To Enhance Business Analytics Services

Large companies now have the need to manage a myriad of data across all the systems both inside their network and also beyond their database. Proper management of data is crucial for any business. Since important business decisions are made based on the evaluation of data, a company needs the right people who can make sense of it.

The major advantage that decision-makers get today is that Salesforce works in close collaboration with its new plans such as Cloudera, Google, Hortonworks, Informatica, New Relic, and Trifacta to make it easier to move data in and out of Salesforce’s analytics cloud for more critical analysis.

Big Data

Big Data is no more mystery to the tech geeks. On the other hand, it has become a ubiquitous tool deployed by businesses across the spectrum to reap great successes. Even though the focus on Big Data has been on managing the huge amount of data in structured form, now the shift is ideally towards what the positive changes these data lakes can bring to your business results.

Salesforce doubling up Big Data

It is no secret that many businesses are still benefiting little from Big Data. The primary reason for this is the use of outdated and unscalable traditional databases. Mitigating this issue, Salesforce Dx launched its highly efficient Wave Analytics Platform a while back, and a year later, Salesforce Wave for Big Data also showed up. It had been one of the most anticipated tools by the industry to serve the need of the situation, and it came in partnership with some of the biggest data management companies in the world as mentioned in the opening note.

Keith Bigelow, the spokesperson of Salesforce executive, commented during the time of the launch of this partnership that at the current rate of data doubling, the volume of business data may be nearing 44 trillion gigabytes by the year 2020. Without access to Big Data analytics and advanced partnerships, the companies will be only able to analyze about 1% of the available data. He added that the partnership, established between Salesforce with the Big Data companies, is aimed to make the utilization of all available data a reality.

Users’ advantage out of the this partnership

This partnership between six big IT giants will help empower all sorts of data from all sources and let the users take immediate actions. Business managers and decision makers now have a personalized tool which enables them to identify the patterns across a variety of data sources including CRM, ERP, HR systems and so on. Each of these companies has now become a part of the analytics cloud ecosystem to mutually benefit the users of each with the power of its partners. A couple of insights to gain as below.

Marketers can now access the Google cloud services along with customer profiles on Salesforce. It is easy to identify the correlation between customer profiles and real-time engagement information. Hortonworks is a unique enterprise-level data management tool which helps businesses to take leverage of their mighty Hadoop clusters. Business decision makers can make use of optimized data out of it to understand the economic trends and market shifts.

Similarly, Cloudera, New Relic, Trifacta, Informatica each offers unique advantages to the users as part of this powerful consortium with which every business can think of transforming their user experience innovatively.

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